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So I thought….hey! Why don’t I write about soil. People don’t write about them often, so why shouldn’t I? Just to show them all!!

Anyway…back on topic. Soil is good. Do you know why? Stuff grows in it. What kind of stuff I hear you shout to your monitor. Well I’ll tell you if the suspense hasn’t already killed you at the end fo this sentence. Plants grow in soil. You may now be thinking, “What the hell? Who gives a damn about plants? Chop down the ol’ forests and all!”. Well I hate to break it you, but plants produce oxygen. Now oxygen is good for us. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to survive, and just think then how long it would be before our blogs would get updated.

Now, so imagine if there was no soil, if we hadn’t already died from suffocation, just think about what we stand on…Soil! Are you beginning to see the vital need for Soil? If there was no soil beneath us, why, we would be standing on much harder rock nearer the earth’s core, where all the magma is. We’d get loads of magma lava sprouting up everywhere, chomping people up. Now that is very bad. We’d soon all die. Some of you may be thinking, ha ha, shame, at everyone who dies, but ha! you’ve died too. We need soil so we don’t die. End of. Stop complaing about it.


Hello world!

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Hello…this is my random blog that I have made so that is here for whenever I feel like adding anything.

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